Monday, March 2, 2009

In class assigment

I hated this last assignment- which was pitching advertisements. Here i had written such clever ideas down for my advertisement and couldn't even make the words out to present it to the class. I know that I wasn't the only one who was stage fright to present-but I still felt like an idiot which was not cool. Looking at other people get up there- it seemed easier for them just to talk to the class without the fear of messing up. I don't know why i am so afraid but somehow my body shakes, I turn beat red, and my head clouds over and I cannot focus- when I had to pitch. I was thankful to be second in line I might have been worse if I had to wait longer- then I wouldn't have been able to say anything maybe. I guess I should have made my pitch short and simple it would have been done faster and probably more effective. I am afraid I got a bad grade on this assignment. It would have been way to cool if all we had to do is turn our posters in without having to pitch. I made it half way through my poster before I started making up the words because I couldn't focus enough to read them. Did anyone notice? I hate public speaking I know I could go far if I could get passed it. I am good a good communicator and like people but some how getting up and presenting is a whole new ball Field. I have no problem pitching from my seat- its when I get up that i swallow my own stomach and my throat gets clogged. What ever is my problem? It seems silly to think that public speaking is such a big deal to get scared over. So what you mess up right? who cares? But somehow I don't feel like announcing that I could mess up. Am i the only one who feels this way?


AndrewJ said...

ya public speaking doesn't bother me that much, but i wish i would have known that we were just supposed to read what we had written instead of ad-libbing it. cause thats how i roll haha. i wrote it kind of poetically, (which isn't how i normally speak) so thats how it was wierd for me.. everyone else was in the same boat as you though. put on the spot ya know.

nickname3girl said...

You're definitely not alone. My cousin advised me to skip it because I was so nervous. I dismissed his advice and I stuck it out mainly because public speaking kept my aunt from pursuing what she really wanted in college and I don't want anything to hold me back. Still, I was shaking for quite a while after class, I had to remind myself to breathe, and it felt like 100 humid degrees in that classroom.

Seeing as we both have the same problem, you might like to know there's a public speaking podcast (and transcripts) from Quick and Dirty Tips. I definitely recommend it. It's very useful.

You know what someone should have pitched? A cure for public speaking. Now, I'd rate that a 10.


Dawei Yao said...

Did I shake?
I did, right?
See, you're not the only one who is stage fright.
I had to focus myself really hard to be able to tell what the sequences of English letters meant and how to pronounce them. Foreign language is making this worse.
So don't worry, there's some worse than you,definately

Kjaere said...

You...have problems speaking? I would have never known ;-)

Jenny Lang said...

I thought you did a fine job. I also thought you ad, with all the rhyming, was cute. You may want to consider taking a public speaking class. I have known many students who said they were terrified of speking in front of others, but taking the public speaking class really helped them. Of course, such a class would be hard at first,but it would help your build confidence and make you more comfortable.