Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am an Aunty!!!!

I am so happy that I am an Aunty!!! My sister is pregnant and is due december- not sure of the sex- only 1 month preg. I cannot wait for her to have a baby and to be called Aunty Nichole. I cannot believe it!!! :) Well I thought I might be the frist to give our parents grandkids, but brownie points for my sister. Life is strange with all these unexspected turns. I say this because the fact that my sister is pregnant was not a planned thing- infact she didnt want kids. I think having her baby is going to teach her alot about things, such as responsiblity, accountability what she struggles wtih presently. I think this is a difficult position for her to be in with not wanting kids right now- but also a major blessing. I think she is going to grow to be a better person because of it. I pray that this is the case. Life is going so quickly... things are happening faster each and every day. I can hardly hold onto something to stand my ground. But thank God I have purpose and direction and a future already planned out-- its all in Gods hands. Although the timming with this baby is seeming off to my sister- God has bigger plans than we know-- his timming is not ours. I always think I have things all figure out until God reminds me: "Hey Nichole, Remember who is in charge here?" I think God laughs at our plans- really. I am so excited I cannot wait for this baby to step into our world. thank You Jesus !!!!