Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring 2009 Classes Begin!!!

So I am so very excited about my new class schedule! I am taking 4 classes: Geography, Englsih, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education. 2 of my classes are in folsom which is new for me since I have always taken my college classes at the El dorado Center. Hence, it took forever to find my classes since its a huge campus. Out of my classes I love English and Early Childhood Education the most- I say this because of the teachers= thats what really makes the class worth taking or not. Then of course the classes you dont preffer are for ranting about: Geography is way boaring and my first day I got yelled at for being late when I infact was not. I had come to class 10 minutes early waiting outside the door with my fellow students- who too were confused by a locked door and no teacher greeting us. Later did I find that there were two doors and class had already started with half of his class outside. Then my first day at psychology was even wackier. I came to the class to find that supposidly our teacher was on vaction and all we had to do is sign our names and leave. Well While I was in a line of about 100 students getting ready to sign my name and leave..... the teacher walks in. He decided to start class then- when more than half of his students have exited his classroom. i guess first impressions can some times shape alot to what you think about things. But on a nother note-I finally have paid off tution, books, and parking pass for just under 500 dollars!!!! crazy expensive- specially when you dont have a job. Now all I have left to do is survive my classes and get a job :) What a goal for 2009.