Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Found in the Mud

I am stuck in the mud
I cant get out
I tried to move
But I am beginning to doubt
Why am i hear?
Why can't I get out?
The hole I dug
went down too deep
I tried to dig myself out
but I realized I was too week
Much like the sin that enevelops our lives
it cripples us and tells us lies
But through the one who conqured sin
He breaths in us new lives!
No longer bound to the pit of doom
Jesus died for all that whom....Belive in Him
Confess that He is Lord
Your sins are washed away
Something that you could never affrord
God had to pay
Purchased with His blood
That His love may give way
You can have knew life
Just ask Him today!
A solid rock to which I now can stand upon
A new foundation to which I believe on.
I want to tell the World
I want to tell you
This great love I have found in Jesus
Can also be in you