Saturday, February 21, 2009


here I was thinking that this would be the easiest part of our English class- keep a blog going, but I seem to be fallowing behind. I missed this last weeks blog, so this blog is intended for the week of 23rd- so i don't forget. I think I need to create a reminder for myself on a calender. I keep looking at the syllabus thinking that I have completed everything for our class but always miss this one thing. Which to me makes no sense- I spend lots of time on the computer with other things like myspace, facebook, but I forget this one. Well on a separate note- for the next essay assignment I have written my paper on the "benefits of exercising." Which is quite funny sense I myself don't exercise regularly. Doing research for this paper has inspired me to now become more active person. I am very proud of myself! Today I worked out at home to a workout tape and I can already feel the difference- my energy level and mood has changed. I think my next step will be to join the Lords gym. I want to get myself back into shape. Ever semester at the college, except for this one, I have taken workout classes. Kim Harrell is the best!! I have taken step up, hip hop dance, and yoga from her. I have yet to try out her new body sculpting class and her cardio kickboxing. The more I learn about exercise the more it becomes important to me- I would like to beat my family's generation of over weight people. I want to be a healthy active person- so that in return I can pass on good habits to my children some day. I am excited about getting started- but I am hoping that when that excitement wares off I will have the stubbornness to keep going- pushing- toward making exercise a normal part of life= even on the days that I don't "feel" like it. Emotions will not control my life!!! I say. So that's whats new with me.

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Jenny Lang said...

Good for you getting motivated by researching for your paper. I also know the importance of exercising, but I never seem to be able to find the time. I have a gym membership and everything. Whenever I set a workout schedule for myself, something seems to screw it up. I wish you betyter luck than I have had staying motivated.