Monday, February 9, 2009

Snowed Inn

Last night was the craziest ride home I have ever drove. Now for the people in my english class who are reading this blog and have spent their entire lives with crazy nothern california weather- you may not understand my fears towards the elements that I am about to list. For infact, I have spent the magority of my life in the sunny part of California- Santa Barbara. Last night as I was simply trying to make my way home, I encountered pounding rain, terriable fog, and then hail storm. Although its been almost 8 years of me living in Pollock Pines- I do not drive snow. So thankfully I got home before the flakes hit the ground. But as I woke this morning, and peaked out my window- I found my world to be snow white. With the convience of no one else making thier way into town and my road not being plowed- I now find myself at home and I have missed our english class today. So now I am at home and its just me and a cup of tea, while I try to keep myself warm. I am thankful to have an entire day which can be dedicated to homework.

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Jenny Lang said...

I have only driven in snow once - it was on the Grapevine heading to Southern California and it was in the dead of night. Needlesstosay, I didn't particularly enjoy it. I hope you find a solution so you don't miss many more of your classes.