Monday, March 9, 2009

Stupid Drunk Drivers

Last night, as I just had smitten an online test, the power went out due to a crash near my house. Some 20 year old man and his girlfriend were in the car. The guy must have been going too fast and apparently was drinking- he knocked a pole down and flipped his car over. Thank God both of them are okay. The girl was the only one suffered a minor injury- she tweaked her knee. I hope that this will teach them a lesson- not to drink while driving, or enter into a car with a driver who has been drinking. Now they will suffer their consequences of their actions- a damaged car, hospital bills,and a possibility of jail. My step dad went to the scene but I stayed inside my house- I heard from him about the accident. My step dad, along with other neighbors came together to help out- he dragged the man out of the car- who was refusing to get out. "He reaked of alcohol and was stubborn to get out of the car" my step dad said. People think that they can get away with drinking and driving- that it will never turn out bad for them. This was a minor accident but think of what could be your not only risking your life or your girlfriend's life but other people's too. How can people be that stupid? How many people die as a result of person's stupid actions? It makes me furious to know that people can be that stupid!!!! I am surprised that the power was on his morning- I was figuring it would take longer to fix the problem- This is a good things since my house was being shown by a Realtor this morning. I hope we get an offer and our house sells. I am tired of living so far away from everything- its a waste of gas money and time.


Kjaere said...

Step #2 of blogging... Pictures! I know you can do it! :-)

Jenny Lang said...

I get furious about things like this too. I have known people who were killed by drunk drivers, and in each incident, the drunk driver walked away without a scratch on them. I think anytime someone drinks and then drives, they are making the decision that those drinks are worth killing someone.