Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I cannot wait for summer

I think everyone, including me is ready for this semster to be done and over with. I am sick of being full time in school. I am ready for a full time job which makes me feel like I am actually doing something worth my time. I hate going to college when I have no directions as to what I want to do yet for a profession. Yeah you get your general ed out of the way-- I just wished our college had a career class to take to decide on a career. It's so not motivating not having somehting to work toward. I am getting my AA in general ed- wahoo!!! whats next? I would like time off to think about that question. To really understand why I am spending all my money on school wihtout a dirrection as to waht I am going to do. I truely dont understand the point. PLus I really want to figure out what I really enjoy doing since I dont want to just pick a profession and then hate it in the end. This is truely a complicated stage of my life-- can I fast foward my life? I hate the not knowing the uncertainty of my future. What ever shall I do? Sorry,I am rambling but I must be in that mood. I hope you all are getting the point though. People say get an education-- I say get a life worth living for. Education without a purpose and dirrection seems pointless. i want to know what I am going to do!!!! Life reveal to me what I am going to do-- or I am going to waist my time running in circles without a path. Whats the point of running the race when you cannot see the finish line? But I guess its important to keep your feet moving and start the race or you will never find the outcome-- the finish line. I ready to start feeling accomplished. Until then I am just on the marry-go-round of life.

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Kjaere said...

Just focus on being obediant with where you are at now... God works out the rest ;-)

I posted a blog today too... check it out: http://www.Kjaere.com